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This page lists papers and other documents that provide background on the development of the DOI system and related technologies. Some of the files listed may no longer be available.

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Linked Content Coalition: Principles of Identification, Version 1.1, April 2014, Editors Norman Paskin & Godfrey Rust, without appendicies, http://doi.org/10.1000/287.
    Appendix 1, http://doi.org/10.1000/288.
    Appendix 2, http://doi.org/10.1000/289.

"Naming and Meaning: key to the management of intellectual property in digital media" by Norman Paskin. Paper published as part of The Europe-China Conference on Intellectual Property in Digital Media (IPDM06), Shanghai, October 2006.

"The International DOI Foundation: A Persistent Organisation Supporting a Persistent Identifier" by Cynthia Hodgson, ISQ Editor, in NISO's Information Standards Quarterly, July 2004, pg. 6.


Events & Presentations

DCC/W3C Workshop on Domain Name Persistence. Norman Paskin, IDF ("Domain Names and Persistent Identifiers", PDF) and Sean Reilly, Corporation for National Research Initiatives ("Handles and DNS Persistence", PDF) presented at the DCC/W3C Workshop on Domain Name Persistence (Workshop #9) held in Bristol, UK, on December 8, 2011. A participant report and a W3C summary report are also available

5th International Workshop for Technical, Economic and Legal Aspects of Business Models for Virtual Goods, "Indirect DRM Evaluation Architecture". Presentation by Gregory Heileman, Henry Jerez, Pramod Jamkhedkar and Joud Khoury, October 2007.

WIPO Seminar on Rights Management Information, "Identifiers and Licensing Information, Overview and Introduction", presentations prepared by Norman Paskin for the seminar, September 2007.

"Content Industry Standards Activities", Overview and Presentation prepared for the ITU Focus Group on Identity Management, February 2007.

"The Handle System", Overview and Presentation prepared for the ITU Focus Group on Identity Management, February 2007.

Electronic Publishing, Digital Archiving and Licensing, a Joint Workshop from EDItEUR and AKEP, 20 October 2005, Frankfurt Book Fair. See Norman Paskin's presentation "Structured management of digital content and licenses"

27th International Supply Chain Specialists Meeting, 18 October 2005, Frankfurt Book Fair. See presentation by Angela D'Agostino, Vice President, Business Development & Marketing, Frankfurt Supply Chain Seminar, "The DOI in Mainstream Publishing".

Seminar on Electronic Communication of Licence Terms and Rights Information
2 December 2004, London, UK. Sponsored by EDItEUR, Book Industry Communication and NISO. View Norman Paskin's presentation on the Indecs Data Dictionary.)


Related Items

Armati, D. "A Uniform Approach to Identification of Digitized Copyright Content". STM General Assembly, October 1994, Frankfurt.

Armati, D. "Information Identification". Report for the STM Task Force on Information Identifiers and Metering Systems in the Electronic Environment, June 1995.

"The Formation of CrossRef", a Short History.


White Papers

EPS White Paper Series. "Economic Benefits of Digital Object Identifier Applications in Content Marketing: II. Using the DOI to Improve Profitability in Content Distribution", by Steve Sieck, Managing Partner, EPS-USA LLC, 20 July 2004.

CENDI Persistent Identifiers Task Group. "Persistent Identification: A Key Component of an E-government Infrastructure. White Paper (PDF) 19 March 04.

Attanasio, Piero, "The use of DOI in eContent value chain: The case of Casalini Digital Division and mEDRA". White Paper (PDF) 02 February 04. doi:10.1392/BC1.0

Dyson, Esther. "Online Registries: The DNS and Beyond...", Release 1.0, Esther Dyson's Monthly Report, September 2003.

EPS Focus Report. "DOI in 2004; What are the tipping points?" by Nick Dempsey, EPS, January 2004. Excerpts reproduced here with permission.

EPS White Paper Series. "Economic Benefits of Digital Object Identifier Applications in Content Marketing". Part I. Using the DOI to Improve Profitability In Publishers' E-Commerce Operations, Steve Sieck, EPS-USA, LLC, 16 December 2003. doi:10.1220/eps1

Rosenblatt, Bill. "Enterprise Content Integration with the Digital Object Identifier: A Business Case for Information Publishers", June 2002. doi:10.1220/whitepaper5

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