This is the website of the Vocabulary Mapping Framework (VMF).

VMF is a downloadable tool, originally developed with funding from the Joint Information Services Committee (JISC), currently hosted and administered by the International DOI Foundation (IDF) under the guidance of an independent multi-stakeholder Advisory Board. It provides support for semantic interoperability across communities by providing extensive and authoritative mapping of vocabularies from content metadata standards and proprietary schemes. VMF is not intended as a replacement for any existing standards, but as an aid to interoperability, whether automatic or human-mediated. It includes mappings of terms from code lists or allowed value sets in the existing standards to the RDA/ONIX vocabulary, enabling the computation of "best fit" mappings between any pairing of standards.

Subject to the detailed terms of the VMF licence, VMF may be used to map and transform controlled vocabularies whether for commercial use or otherwise; and to inform the content of controlled vocabularies which you wish to develop.

If you use VMF you must ensure that any copyright notices, and/or references to the licence which appear in association with VMF or on this website are kept intact. You must also ensure that any documents which you create (whether in print or electronic form) which contain any reference to the VMF, or any versions of the VMF which you create, will attribute those standards clearly to the VMF. Where practicable, links should be made to this website.